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Here is the list of my yarns thus far. Please stay tuned for more. I don't like dating the narratives, but in order to give some idea of timeline, I supply a date here and there. Time is fluid and my stories are immemorial.

A Travelogue: Visiting the "new" Jews of Africa

  1. Arrival to Africa
  2. Shabbat in Nairobi
  3. The Road from Eldoret, Kenya to Mbale, Uganda
  4. Visiting the Abayudaya of Putti
  5. Visiting Kakungulu's House and Grave in Gangama, and the Abayudaya of Nabugoye and Namanyonyi
  6. Return to Israel, the long way around

  • Friday, July 4th Photography for Propaganda in the Arab-Jewish Conflict
  • Wednesday Who wants to drive in Israel?
  • Monday The Yellow Monstrosity: Who needs a phone book in 2008?
  • Sunday The Cohen Gene, the Samaritans and the Ten Lost Tribes
  • Friday More on Social Entrepreneurs
  • Thursday again Social Entrepreneurship
  • Wednesday Truth is stranger than fiction
  • Tuesday You are what you eat, unless your food is raw
  • Monday Some Musings on the City of Efrat on it's 25th Birthday
  • Sunday The Pleasures of Blogging
  • Friday I'm left-handed but nobody bothered to tell me
  • Thursday The Samaritans and the Pascal Lamb
  • Wednesday, 18th June Am I Really a Photographer?
  • Tuesday The Last Event at the Katif Hotel Before All Residents Were Evicted
  • Monday My Church or What Happens if you don't Appoint a Successor
  • Sunday, 15th June A generation living next to a Used Tractor Salesman
  • Friday again (Sorry I had a bad week) A Noisy Gym
  • Monday Yom Yerushalayim -- Jerusalem Day
  • Friday Sef the Chocolate Monster Rides again!
  • Wodensday, 1st June Will someone discover me and make me famous? The Photography of Menachem Kuchar
  • Toosday It's all in the links
  • Friday I'm a Chocolate Nut -- Nuts for Chocolate -- Chocolate Addict
  • Thursday My Home Town, EFRAT
  • Wednesday Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Food and Whole Food, Plant based Diets
  • Monday again Shemita, Shemitah, Shemitta, Shemittah -- the seventh, Sabbatical Year
  • Friday, 15th May More on Google image searches
  • Thursday Linguistics and Semantics
  • Wednesday Another sobering thought
  • Tuesday A sobering thought

  • Monday, 18th May And this was the start of my Blogging Career -- the entry point

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