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America Deposes One Hussein and Elects Another

And the Lord said unto her [Rebbecca],

"Two nations are in thy womb,
And two peoples shall be separated from thy bowels;
And the one people shall be stronger than the other people;
And the elder shall serve the younger."

Genesis XXV, verse 23 (according to the JTS translation)  

Rivka, Rebekah our grandmother, is finally pregnant after perhaps twenty years of marriage. But something is amiss with her situation. So she enquires of the Supreme Authority, and receives a very cryptic reply.

Our tradition holds that the two nations emanating from Rivka are Ya'acov and Eisav, (Esau, also called Edom in the Torah due to his reddish complexion) are Israel and Rome. The Hebrew word for nation used in our text is read goyim but in the Holy response it is misspelt as gayim, meaning proud men. The midrash relates a couple of options as to who, historically, these two proud men may have been. (I only thought today while swimming up and down the pool that this spelling vaiation may be a prophesy for the horrendous rise and dominant position of homosexuality in both Israel and America in our times . . . perhaps I'll develop this idea further in a future story.)

Our prophesy, combined with father Isaac's blessings later on in Bereishith, prepare us for the perpetual historic battle between these two forces, good and evil, throughout world history. David defeated and subdued Edom and became the dominant power in the region at the time. Rome, overtaken by Edomite mercenaries, conquered the Land of Israel and destroyed the Holy Temple in Yerushalayim. They continued on their destructive path by decimating the Jewish armies under the famous Israeli military genius, Simon bar Kokhba, putting to an end, for eighteen hundred years, the dream of Jewish sovereignty, self-government and rebuilding the Hebrew nation on its ancestral homeland.

The midrash teaches that it is a halachah, a Divine Law, an established fact, that Eisav hates Ya'akov. In other words, Edom's hatred of Jacob is a fact of Nature, an eternal, unchangeable phenomenon.

We derive many of the later attributes of these two nations from our twins and from the actions of their descendants as related in the Bible. We learn, for example, that an attribute of Eisav is his hatred of being ruled by any individual. The Torah tells us that there were eight kings in Edom before Moshe Rabbeinu's ascendancy as de facto monarch. None of the documented Edomite kings were related to each other and each originated from a different region of the country.

When Moses asks the King of Edom for permission to cross his country enroute to Canaan, the Promised Land, it is not the king, nor even the palace, who replies, but the [representatives of the] people. This abhorrence of a fixed, inherited monarchy can been seen throughout the history of the Edom's progeny, in the various nations that they established, or more correctly conquered, following the disintegration of the Roman Empire. Please keep in mind that Esau is a descendant of Noach's son Shem; Europe, however, was awarded to another of Noah's sons, Japeth (see the Don Isaac Abravenal's bible commentary for well laid out details on the settlement destinations of the flood's offspring following the confusion and the Dispersion from the Tower of Babel).

I would postulate that another feature of Edom, is his death wish, his tendency to self-destruct after a later history of decadence and debauchery. I see this in the Roman Empire, and then later in the Byzantine, Eastern Roman Empire capitaled in Constantinople. In times closer to us, Spain, Germany and Italy have followed this trait.

Spain was the dominant world power during the fifteenth century. She subjugated and pillaged half the world, discovering and then systematically raping those areas of the globe previously unknown to Europeans. The Spanish success obviously went to their heads. To celebrate their dominant, imperial status, they celebrated by expelling the Jews (yes, yes, I suppose they were a little "nicer" than the Moslem's "Allah or the sword" -- this was "the cross or get out" -- but many Jews burnt on the stake in the process). And the rest is history. Drake defeats the Spanish Armada due to an act of God, a massive storm that "moved" the heavy, well armoured Spanish warships off their course. Anyone who does not accept God as the "God of History" just doesn't understand history!

Thousands of books have been written on Germany's rise to power, to world dominance, via the tried and tested Edomite (Roman) conquest of Europe. And the willing debasement of Germany at the hands of the Nazis is also well documented (look out for the Pink Swastika). And of course Jewish expulsion followed by the "Final Solution" to the Jewish Problem of Europe. Thanks to American help (the Marshall Plan -- you've got to prop up your cousins) Germany has again been restored to the dominant power in Europe.

On modern day Italy, I don't want to waste too much of your time. Benito Mussolini, the Talmudic passage in Tractate Megillah (6b) re the danger to the entire world following an alliance between Germany and Rome, another Italian defeat, fifty something post-war governments, subservience to a regnant Germany in "the" new Europe.

And that brings us to the United States of America, certainly a country governed by an Edomite ruling class, the world power for most of the past century. A reading of their constitution, especially the early drafts, indicates a strong aversion to domination by a "king", read long-term ruler. Though the primary target of the founding fathers was George III of England and a severing from the shackles of Great Britain, the anti-monarchy sentiment runs extremely deep. The Americans chose to appoint their king for a renewable four year term. Their president has all the executive power of a king, but not for a lifetime. And the first American King who reigned for an extended period (Franklin D. Roosevelt for nearly sixteen years) brought about a change in the rules of the game -- you can now only get eight "royal" years. So bye-bye to the current King George III of the USA.

I don't have to describe the decadence of American society, the difference between the the haves and the have-nots, the well disguised poverty. It is documented daily in the nation's newspapers and other news media. (Yes there are lots of "good" things too, and I'm sure rank and file Romans and Germans and native Edomites were happy right up to the end.)

And today, the newly anointed king of America is Barack Hussein Obama! We don't know yet know who he really is, who he represents, who is behind him, not even what he truly thinks on any topic. His early life is a strange narrative, with many chapters missing, unfinished or worse, censored.

But, under the new administration, including the Jew-boys who will ultimately dash to be partners in new government, I prophesy a return to Eisav's well known visage on meeting his brother, back to his historic motto, to the unchangeable axiom of history, "halachah -- Eisav hates Ya'akov".


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