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It's Absolutely Not Only About Numbers

Jill and I are holidaying in Eilat. Nothing new about that -- other than that we probably should do it more often. I observe some differences down here this time. Yes there are more kippot each time I come down here, but there's also another demographic factor, one which I haven't noticed here in the past. And I see it overtly and also almost hidden.

Now I know some of you will see this article in a racist slant. That's the problem with today's political correctness. Political correctness is just a form of brainwashing, making you think in a different manner, in a manner that "they" want you to think. And I offer no comment on the phenomenon I describe -- just observations.

I have written previously on how the Arabs, or Islam if you like, are taking over from the Europeans on their home turf. But Europe is not their only target. Large parts of the world are under Moslem control. The East (the subcontinent, Indonesia, Malaysia, west China) and northern (and not so northern) Africa are, partially or completely, under Muslim control. Spain on one side of Europe, was, in varying degrees, for hundreds of years. So was eastern Europe almost to the gates of Vienna.

Today the Europeans lull themselves into nirvana by differentiating between radical and non-radical Islam, Good Arabs and Bad Arabs. But there is no difference. There is but one Qur’an (Arabic: al-qur’an, literally "the recitation"; also sometimes transliterated as Qur’an, Koran, Alcoran or Al-Qur’an) and all Moslems adhere strictly to it. They don't have different denominations like the Christians (Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox -- many further divided into subgroupings), or pretend ones, like the Jews of America (reform, modern orthodox, ultra). Sure, Sunnis claim that their actions follow the Islamic prophet Muhammad better than the Shia. The latter believe that Mohamed's family, the Ahl al-Bayt (the People of the House), including his descendants known as Imams, have special spiritual and political rule over the community, but the text of the Koran is the text, and one world government under Sharia Islamic religious law is the ambition. This Moslem concept of "one world government" is a very different from that which is preached by the conspiracy theorists as the aim of Western governments (NWO, CFR, Bildbergers). [I know everything in this paragraph is a simplification, but I prefer it that way -- it's more digestible.]

According to a report on the Arutz 7 news site today, "Yesterday [Tuesday, 9th September] the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, dined with Arabs at the end of the daily fast during [the holy month of] Ramadan and told them, 'We are all descendents of our father Abraham and can coexist.'" Pity most people don't read further on in their Scriptures. Verse 12 of the relevant chapter (Genesis16) teaches us of the personality traits our cousin and his descendants, "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him". Doesn't sound like someone I would want in my family, or as a neighbour either. And the above quote is from the King James edition of the Bible -- this is what Christians think, believe! A more correct translation of the pasuk would be "his hand is in [everyones') everything".

Unlike the American [English really -- the white Americans sort of just took over from the British] takeover of Florida by sheer numbers, by moving more and more English speakers into the region until they outnumbered the Spanish, an area can become Judenrein or Judnfrei within Israel by a much smaller number than an absolute majority.

It's happened in parts of the Galilee -- driving through some areas you can only wonder on which side of the security fence you're located. Large tracts of the southern Negev area are dominated by a sprawl of illegal Bedouin building, some shanty towns, but the building quality improves with time as does their permanence.

The Arab sector (perhaps with active foreign financial backing) is buying apartments across north Yerushalayim suburbs, Givat Ze'ev and Givat Zarfatit (French Hill). And they are moving in. And using the services. In the south of the city, the well equipped gymnasium and the community centre conservatorium in Gilo, financed by foreign donors during the so-called Intifada war, to give the residents of that bomb struck suburb an avenue of relaxation, are increasingly populated by our president's cousins. And it is having an effect on the Jewish usage of the facilities.

But there are sections in the heart of west Jerusalem in which Jews are starting to feel less and less at home, more and more uncomfortable. Liberty Bell Gardens is one of the latest casualties. Keren haYesod Street, coming down the hill towards the former railway station, used to act like a Suez Canal, a demarcation line, between two parks, the Arab on the left and the Jewish on the right. Now the people from the left are migrating to the right side. And the present population is leaving. I'm not saying that the conquistadors are actively pushing them out. They're not. Again I'm not being racist or derogatory and saying they smell, they have head lice or their food smells of garlic like Hungarian cooking. It's none of those. Jews prefer their own company, that's all. "Birds of a feather flock together." How many intruders are necessary for an exodus to commence? I don't have an exact number -- tens, a hundred -- the absolute number does not matter, the fact is that the movement is building momentum.

The famous Malha Shopping Mall was once a Jewish stronghold. After the signing of the peace treaty with our neighbour across the Great Rift Valley, you'd see Jordanian citizens coming across for a shopping spree, a day out in the only Shopping Mall in the Middle East. Most Jerusalemites thought this was a "cute" dividend of the recent peace treaty between Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan. These shoppers stood out from the crowd, and their cars, usually quite fancy models (it wasn't the residents of refugee camps who were making the trip across the river), bore funny looking number plates. But these people stopped coming over as Jordan too succumbed to Americisation -- the western mode of shopping -- and shopping malls also sprouted, sprang up in Amman.

When you drive into the carpark of the Malha shopping centre these days, the cars all carry the same yellow license plates. But inside the building, there is a population shift. Sometimes you notice it in the clothes, or perhaps the language spoken. Other times it's more subtle. It's a peaceful takeover. How many does it need before the veteran shoppers seek elsewhere to shop?

So it was with demographic interest that I noticed the change in Eilat. It's still too early this year for the European tourists to be arriving. In the middle of the northern hemisphere winter, flights from Scandinavia, Britain and other parts of northern Europe fly directly to Eilat. These tourists aren't coming to see the Holy Land, they have no interest in churches and museums. They are merely following the sun. Eilat becomes very cosmopolitan. Many languages can be heard. For nine months in the year it's mainly Hebrew in the streets, lobbies and entertainment areas. For these three months, it switches to English and the north European Germanic dialects.

How long will it take for the demographic change to have an effect on the Israeli nine months? the European months? In terms of sheer numbers, the effect won't need fifty percent . . . nor twenty-five percent . . . probably not even ten. But when the tipping point is reached, it will become a rapid spiral -- in Malha, in Eilat and in many other locations. Judenrein is not hard to achieve.

Again, please don't get me wrong here -- this is not a racist article. It is purely about demography. After all, the Jews, or was it the Zionists, reclaimed, reacquired, resettled and returned to the land of their forefathers in exactly the same way, though maybe not via hotels and shopping malls -- they hadn't yet arrived on the scene. The real problem is that our people, lead by its government, seem to have forgotten this demographic fact, these demographic tricks. The numbers don't have to be absolute.

It was, I believe, Benjamin Disraeli, the only Jewish (born*) prime minister of England who said, "There is nothing worse than stupid Jew".** Perhaps he should come over here and visit us some time.

* Jewish Disraeli In 1817, Isaac D'Israeli, a Jewish literary critic and historian, had his son, Benjamin, baptised in the Church of England, following a dispute with his synagogue. Ben was thirteen years old at the time.

** A bit more Benjamin Disraeli wit Once when an opponent condemned the route of the proposed Uganda railroad as running through country "fit only for monkeys and Jews," Disraeli took the man gently by the arm; "Come, we will go there together."

When an exasperated rival shouted at him; "You, Sir, will die on the gallows or of a venereal disease." Disraeli replied, "That will depend upon whether I embrace your politics or your mistress."

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