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More on Google image searches

I noted previously how I thought that Google's image searches worked on html's alt or title tags in the "img src" command. This would seem logical, but I did a bit more checking on this and it seems that Google (also, only?) uses the file name. I wouldn't have thought that this was so useful because many people use dumb file names -- often using the file names produced by the camera, DXyT0004, really useful for an intelligent search. That actually means that they are using pictures as they come out of the camera. Even in my darkroom I had to make adjustments based on the paper batch, and I certainly cropped my photographs (you had to, or waste paper, as the dimensions of paper were very different to that of 35 mm film -- but my crops were more an artisitic decision). Or do people just retain (or overwrite) the dumb name?

Interestingly, Google's notes to the webmaster, do not mention filenames as an important factor, but instruct you to use the NAME and ALT tags intelligently.

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