Menachem Kuchar
Fine Art Photographer & Storyteller

Menachem Kuchar is a multifacted artist. He is a Fine Art Photographer and a Master Storyteller. Most stories are based on his personal experiences. These narratives will make you laugh and make you cry; they contain both comedy and tragedy. He weaves a wonderful web and spins a superb yarn.

Please feel free to enjoy his writings.

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Land of Israel Galleries

Netzer, chapter II
  Updated 10th Jan, 2008
Welcome Bush
  Updated 8th Jan, 2008
  Updated 9th Dec, 2007
Givat Eitam, Efrat
  Updated 15th Feb, 2009
  Updated 10th June, 2008
My Home Town
  Updated 22nd May, 2008
    in Black & Orange
  Updated 1st May, 2007
A Bus Stop
  Updated 21st August, 2007

You can see more of Menachem's diverse worldwide photographic work at (Thailand, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York City, Hungary, Slovakia . . . )

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Photographs displayed on this site are available as original, signed prints, produced using the latest Epson archival pigment printers and photographic papers.

Menachem's Biography

I hope you enjoy my photographs. Please feel free to write to me about them.
You can read how my photographs have affected other people via this website and at the Gush Etzion exhibition.
You can acquire original, signed prints from this site.
In response to many requests, I have created a print from the Actualities collection
showing a number of different photographs from the collection.



Actualities in Black & Orange
  Book Cover
  Published in January, 2006, Actualities in Black & Orange is Menachem Kuchar's long overdue first book. It illustrates the people in and behind the "Orange" Campaign in Israel during 2005.

The work represents an inquiry into contemporary Israeli life. Using his camera precisely and lucidly to record the anti-"Disengagement" movement, Menachem weaves a photographic narrative of what was happening in the background to the events being played out on the national stage. Stunningly laid out and finely printed, the book presents more than forty timely photographs from the Actualities in Black & Orange collection, fifteen photographs from the Bus Stop collection as well as colour photographs taken in Gush Katif.

Menachem's unique eye for both the monumental and the mundane reveals a vision of universal interest rooted in the everyday, yet always looking beyond. He focuses on the subtleties of human interaction to make eloquent images.

Menachem has mastered his medium. His work shows a deep love and compassionate understanding of his country, its people, their life, their problems and their needs.

Read reviews of the book.

The book is available in hardcover cloth binding, with a dust jacket, as well as a limited edition (180 copies), signed and numbered collectors' edition.

You can order the book here on this site or at your favourite book shop.

Birchonim (Benchers)


Birchon Katif

Birchon Cover

The Gush Katif Pictorial Bencher
features photgraphs taken
by Menachem in Gush Katif
during 2005.


Birchon Hevron

Birchon Cover

The Hevron Pictorial Bencher
features photgraphs taken
by Menachem in Hevron
since 1976.